A Peace With The Past



Something abrupt happened almost 2 years ago. In my many attempts to amend the situation, which I miserably have failed, I always felt guilty and a constant burden in my head. After all, it all happened because of me...well sort of.

In the last month, May 2019 to be more precise, something outta usual happened. I was in a taxi, and right after I got out I heard a loud voice calling for my name. Time has passed and that voice was no longer familiar to my ears. So, without many expectations, I turned around and besides noticing only this person, there were also blurred faces of the crowd around us. And there she was. A little bit thinner, little to no makeup, a black eye line, a black dress, a long black African blazer, and a sleek bun. She looked like a doll albeit being one year older than me.

It was shock and surprise at the same time. I walked towards her, gave a hug and instantaneously felicitated for her engagement (did I say she was engaged?!). Happily, she thanked for my vow of felicitation. In full ecstasy, she then grabbed my hand and said:

- Where is the ring? Aren't you married?
- Nope. I am not. Too early to be, don't you think? Argh! Sorry. You just got engaged.
- Yeah! - She replied, raising her hands making a gesture with the fingers to show me the ring.
- What about your girlfriend?
- Don't have either.
- Why not?
- Perhaps I am not looking enough...
- Don't worry. God will provide. (did I tell she was dedicated to a religious life?!)

So yeah, we kept talking as we were walking. Her engagement, my life, her fiance, my activities, her church, my studies...
Anyway, it happened against all the odds in the world, especially in one of the most unusual ways...The universe has a strange way to reveal itself - I thought.
I felt relieved when we, perhaps for the last time, extend our arms, and with an open heart along with a smile in our faces, we gave a long goodbye.
If we didn't find happiness in each other arms, then I am more than happy that there is an arm were she will find comfort and love.
After all, she was happy, which was exactly what I would have wished.

P.S: Not everyone has the oportunity to make peace with the past. This situation has taught me that it ain't good to end a relationship with bad blood, because, let's be honest, you never know that the future holds. If you find yourself in the same feet, I urge you to atleast try and not be the person who thinks as below:

If we ever be friends again then we never loved enough.