The Moon Behind The Grey Clouds



Her life it's like the vast sky full of clouds in the night's eve.
There is no stars, there is no shine.
There is nothing beautiful in it.
Only the fresh winds along with sad memories. So do I when I look at her.
I see nothing but her pale face like a moon hidden behind grey clouds.
Shy of its own beauty.
Scared with the scars she was blessed with
My sweet darling. Your life is like the sky full of clouds in the night's eve. You, the moon, decide if you keep glowing or not.
Doesn't matter what you do, or what you feel. Let the spectrum of your lights reflect in the water.
You shall set free the lights present in the holes of your body.
You shall ignore the ones that do not appreciate you the way I do
Because, in the darkest nights I will not lose my mind, nor I will lose you...
Just keep the lights of your holes on.
In case if I get lost in the water that your spectrum reflects on.